About Us


Company Administration & Staff

Tony Dominguez, President/Co-Founder

Sol Schulman, Director of Rehab Services/Co-Founder

Courtney Dominguez, Director of Human Resources

Larissa Esteves, Director of Billing & Payroll

Virginia Stamper, Company Development

Broward County

Rashad McIver, Regional Director

Corey Emert, Occupational Therapy Manager

Douglas Feaster, Area Coordinator

Palm Beach County

David Dockwell, Regional Director

Victor Ramos, North Palm Beach Manager

Douglas Feaster, Area Coordinator

Treasure Coast

Karen Stewart, Regional Director

Heather Zevin, Area Manager

Melissa Pence, Area Coordinator


Sol Schulman, Regional Director

Bradley Quehl, Area Coordinator

West Florida

Bart Bania, Regional Director

Bart Bania, Area Coordinator